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laptopstand in bamboo

Image of laptopstand in bamboo


Ergonomic and practical ecodesign. Working on a laptop is a strain for your back and neck. When the laptop is on a table the screen is positioned too low.
This clever bamboo puzzle laptopstand by is a completely new shape for a product that's been around for a while and will become more and more of a necessity now desktop computers are becoming rare. Current options are mostly made in metal or plastic and are often not adding much aesthetic value to your desk. Greentunadesign makes this a simple but beautiful object with extra advantages like air flow for cooling, extra desk space and multiple uses and it's made in a material that won't deplete our resources so much!

It's transported flat. I use mine as a potholder and toy for the kids. This ecodesign product is designed with the environment in mind. It's made out of bamboo wood with a zero CO2 emission footprint and treated with 100% natural coating. Perfect as a gift or maybe buy several with everyone at the office.

This object is made in Belgium. Shipment costs are higher than I want them to be, but that's what the transport companies charge me. For orders of 2 to 5 pieces at once shipment is only 34$. Contact me about larger orders and I will put a listing up for you.

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